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It’s not only clients whose lives are enhanced by Meals on Wheels.  People who give time to Meals on Wheels say volunteering has added a new dimension to their lives.  The satisfaction of doing something practical yet personal to help those in need is reward in itself.

Volunteers are crucial to the operation of every Meals on Wheels organisation.  They drive the cars and deliver the meals to clients, as well as helping organise and run the service by serving on the management committee.  The committee receives government funding for the running of the organisation at the local level and is responsible of its governance.

Depending which service they work with, volunteers can also assist transporting clients to a community centre to enjoy a meal along with other social activities.  Others may be able to provide office skills helping set up databases, writing newsletters or preparing promotional fliers for events.  No matter what an individual can offer, every little bit of help adds up to benefit others.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation and we depend so heavily on their support, here is a section devoted specifically to questions would-be volunteers may have:

How do I become a volunteer?

Contact your local Meals on Wheels service by searching on this site under ‘FIND US‘ to find your local service for more details.

Is there a selection process for volunteers?

Your local Meals on Wheels organisation will usually interview you when you offer your help to explain what they expect from you and what you can expect from them.  Organisations require references and police checks. These are designed to protect the clients whose homes you will be visiting.

What does it involve?

The tasks vary depending on the recruiting organisation and any particular skills you may offer.  The typical work of Meals on Wheals field volunteers is the delivery of the meals to clients, usually using a volunteer’s own car, or acting as a partner to another volunteer as often deliveries are done in pairs. Other ways volunteers can help include being on the local management committee or lending a hand with general office duties.

How much time will it take?

Depending on the type of volunteering you are doing, anything from an hour a month to one or more full days a week.  The choice is yours.  Most organisations are happy to take whatever time you can give and this should be discussed at the initial interview.

New volunteers receive an induction at their local Meals on Wheels service, and experienced volunteers who have been involved for a while are often happy to share some of their experience and advice.

What can I expect from volunteering?

You will experience the satisfaction of knowing you are providing a vital service to the community.  You will make new friends, learn new skills, and probably grow in self-esteem and confidence.  There may be some challenging moments, however, remember your involvement is brightening others’ lives and making a real difference.  Many organisations and communities hold social and civic events to recognise the valuable contribution of volunteers.

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